Smart technology is changing the way older adults experience their golden years, including residents of senior living communities. At Sage Glendale Senior Living, nestled in the vibrant heart of Glendale, California, we’ve embraced this transformative trend to enhance the lives of our residents. Join us as we delve into the myriad ways that smart technology can benefit those living with us and discover why our senior living in Glendale, CA is the ideal place to enjoy a happy and healthy retirement.


The Power of Smart Technology for Older Adults


Smart technology has revolutionized the way we live, and it has immense potential to benefit older adults living in senior communities. At Sage Glendale, we recognize the importance of embracing technology to enhance the lives of our residents. Today, we’ve highlighted a few of the ways that smart technology, including virtual assistants and smartwatches, can help older adults stay connected to the world around them, monitor their health, access life enrichment, and more. Read below to get all the details:


1. Control Lights

One of the most practical advantages of having a virtual home assistant is the ability to wirelessly control lights. For seniors, especially those living in senior communities like Sage Glendale, this feature can significantly enhance safety. Here’s how:

Fall Prevention: Senior residents of assisted living communities may face mobility challenges, and navigating through a dark room can be risky. With a simple voice command, you can turn lights on and off without the need to fumble for light switches, reducing the risk of tripping or falling.

Energy Efficiency: Virtual home assistants can also help seniors conserve energy by turning off lights when not needed, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective living environment.


2. Play Music and Games

Music and games are not just sources of entertainment; they can also boost mood and cognitive function. For older adults at our senior living in Glendale, CA, enjoying these activities becomes more accessible:

Emotional Well-being: Residents can request their favorite music, helping create a comforting and familiar atmosphere that promotes emotional well-being. This can be particularly beneficial for those living with dementia, as music can trigger positive emotions and bring back treasured memories. 

Mental Stimulation: Engaging in games and brain teasers via voice commands can help keep cognitive abilities sharp, promoting mental health and preventing cognitive decline.


3. Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks offer a fantastic way for older adults to enjoy literature without the need for physical books. Here’s how this benefit plays out:

Accessibility: With a simple request, residents can have their virtual home assistant read audiobooks aloud, eliminating the need to strain their eyes or hold physical books, making reading more accessible and enjoyable.

Cognitive Engagement: Listening to audiobooks keeps the mind engaged and promotes relaxation, making it a wonderful pastime for seniors. Plus, listening to audiobooks is easy to do with friends, so this reading can quickly become a social activity


4. Appointment and Medication Reminders

Managing medications and keeping track of appointments can be challenging for older adults. Virtual home assistants can provide crucial assistance:

Timely Reminders: Residents can set up medication and appointment reminders, ensuring they never miss an important healthcare task.

Independence: This feature promotes independence, allowing residents to manage their health with confidence.


5. Emergency Assistance

Safety is paramount at Sage Glendale, and virtual home assistants offer an added layer of security:

Emergency Calls: In case of an accident or health emergency, residents can use voice commands to call for help. This hands-free approach can be especially valuable in urgent situations.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that help is just a voice command away provides both residents and their loved ones with peace of mind.


6. Smart Watches

Smartwatches are more than just trendy gadgets; they can also be essential tools for older adults. These devices can track important health data, including heart rate, sleep patterns, and physical activity. Here’s how they can benefit senior adults:

Health Monitoring: Smartwatches provide continuous health monitoring, allowing residents to keep a close eye on their well-being. Heart rate monitoring can help detect irregularities, while sleep tracking ensures residents get the rest they need for overall health.

Emergency Alerts: In addition to calling for help in emergencies, smartwatches can also automatically send alerts to designated contacts or caregivers if they detect unusual health patterns, providing an added layer of safety.

Fitness Tracking: Staying active is essential for seniors, and smartwatches can track steps, distance, and calories burned, motivating residents to maintain an active lifestyle.

Call Loved Ones: Smartwatches make it convenient to make and receive calls, allowing residents to stay connected with family and friends with a simple voice command.

Technology such as smart watches and virtual home assistants are an invaluable addition to the residents of senior living communities, including our senior living in Glendale, CA. They enhance safety, promote mental and emotional well-being, and empower residents to maintain their independence. At Sage Glendale, we understand the importance of technology in providing a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle for older adults.

A resident of the senior living in Glendale, CA using his smartwatch to monitor his heart rate

Experience Luxury Living at Sage Glendale


Sage Glendale Senior Living is not just about smart technology; it’s about providing an exceptional living experience. Our senior living in Glendale, CA offers a wide range of amenities and services that make every day special:

  • All-day restaurant-style dining with chef-prepared meals served in our dining room, bistro, patio, or private dining area.
  • Lovely outdoor spaces with shady seating and recreational areas.
  • An in-house theatre for movie nights and social gatherings.
  • A resident fitness center equipped with cardio machines, free weights, and group exercise space.
  • An on-site salon for grooming and pampering.
  • Multi-purpose living areas and a demonstration kitchen for fun activities and events.

We invite you to contact Sage Glendale Senior Living and learn more about our community. Schedule a tour and discover how our luxury senior living, combined with the benefits of smart technology, can provide an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle for you or your loved ones. Join us at Sage Glendale and experience elegant surroundings that make for amazing living.