At Sage Glendale Senior Living, we believe in the power of staying active, no matter your age or mobility level. Our commitment to enriching the lives of our residents goes beyond providing a safe and comfortable environment; it’s about fostering wellness in all its forms. Staying active isn’t just about improving your physical wellness, though that’s certainly one reason! After moving to our Glendale assisted living community, keeping active also allows you to maintain a thriving social life and bolster your cognitive health. 

However, the benefits don’t stop there! Continue reading to explore a list of ten compelling reasons why seniors should embrace an active lifestyle in our community as well as info about how to schedule a tour. 


1. Heart Health Improvement


Physical activity is crucial for maintaining a healthy heart, especially as we age. Regular exercise, even in its gentlest forms, can significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases. Our LifeCycles™ wellness program at Sage Glendale emphasizes activities that keep your heart pumping and healthy, tailored to suit every resident’s individual capacity.

On our resident activity calendar, we feature many great physical activities to try. Some of our favorites include daily morning walks, video yoga for all levels, open gym, stretching and meditation, and so much more. No matter what your physical ability level is, there is something for everyone here at Sage Glendale. 


2. Enhanced Motor Skills and Coordination


Staying active helps improve motor skills and coordination, which are vital for maintaining independence. Our range of activities, from cooking classes to crafting sessions, are designed to keep those hands moving and minds sharp, ensuring our residents’ motor skills are continuously engaged and refined. In turn, this translates into being able to better care for one’s self, including not needing as much assistance with day to day activities such as dressing and eating. 


3. Decreased Risk of Falls


Did you know that falls are among the leading causes of injuries for older adults? An active lifestyle strengthens muscles and improves balance, thus reducing the risk of falls. In our Glendale assisted living community, we offer various exercise programs that focus on building strength and balance, helping residents feel more confident and secure in their movements.


4. Boosted Mental Health and Cognitive Function


Physical activity isn’t just good for the body; it’s great for the mind too. Engaging in regular physical and social activities can ward off depression, reduce stress, and even slow cognitive decline. Our LifeCycles™ wellness program caters to the intellectual dimension of wellness, ensuring our residents remain mentally active and engaged. With this holistic approach to wellness, you can ensure that every aspect of your health is being catered to. 


5. Improved Social Connections


Staying active within the community opens up numerous opportunities for social interaction. Whether it’s attending a sporting event together, participating in group exercise, or simply sharing stories during a scenic drive, every activity at Sage Glendale is an opportunity to build friendships and strengthen bonds. Moving to our Glendale assisted living community means that you’ll have the chance to connect and interact with other residents. 


6. Spiritual Wellness


At Sage Glendale, we understand that wellness extends beyond the physical and mental. Our activities and programs also encompass spiritual wellness, offering residents opportunities for reflection, meditation, and connection with their spiritual selves in a supportive community setting. Those who are more in tune with their spiritual wellness tend to lead happier, healthier lives. 

A group of seniors take a fitness class at their Glendale assisted living community


7. Personalized Care and Independence


No two residents are alike, nor do they need an identical level of support. Our approach to assisted living is centered around providing just the right amount of support for each individual. Whether it’s helping with daily tasks or providing a rich array of activities, we ensure our residents maintain their independence and dignity, while still enjoying the full spectrum of life in our community. 


8. Improved Sleep Quality


Regular physical activity can significantly improve sleep quality for seniors. Engaging in light to moderate exercise during the day helps regulate sleep patterns, leading to deeper and more restful sleep. At Sage Glendale, our array of activities is designed to promote better sleep, ensuring our residents wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. In turn, this allows older adults to lead an overall better quality of life. 


9. Enhanced Digestive and Immune Function


An active lifestyle aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system and boosts the immune system. Gentle exercises, walks, and activities that engage the body in mild physical exertion are excellent for promoting gut health and enhancing the body’s ability to fight off illnesses. Our Glendale assisted living community emphasizes activities that support overall physical well-being, contributing to a stronger immune system and better digestive health.


10. Increased Sense of Purpose and Fulfillment


Participating in activities, especially those that contribute to the community or involve learning new skills, can give seniors a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. At Sage Glendale, we offer a variety of programs that allow our residents to feel a sense of accomplishment, whether it’s through creating something in a craft class, contributing to a community project, or learning something new in one of our educational workshops.


Embrace a Fulfilling Lifestyle at Sage Glendale


At Sage Glendale, we offer more than just a place to live; we provide a place to thrive. With in-apartment amenities like kitchenettes, spacious closets, and an emergency alert system, combined with our comprehensive LifeCycles™ wellness program, we ensure every aspect of living is taken care of. Starting at $4995 for an assisted living studio apartment, we invite you to experience a community that truly cares for your wellness in all dimensions.

Contact us today to learn more about Sage Glendale Senior Living and schedule a tour. Discover a community where fellowship, fun, and fulfillment are not just promises, but everyday realities. Once you step foot onto our beautiful Glendale assisted living community, we know that you will truly find your next home away from home.